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A lawmaker of the opposition Jobbik party has urged the governing parties to submit on their behalf an amendment proposal to the Constitution that the opposition party had repeatedly submitted, in vain. 

Speaking at a press conference in Budapest on Sunday, Gábor Staudt said that

Jobbik made it clear already at the beginning of the migrant wave that they would not accept any refugee settlement quota and would support the government in its efforts to defend Hungary, even by backing legislation requiring two-thirds majority.

If Prime Minister Viktor Orbán really wants national unity, why did the ruling Fidesz and Christian Democrat parties reject Jobbik’s constitutional amendment proposal, which only differed in a single sentence from that of the governing parties: it ruled out the possibility of reintroducing residency bonds, he said.

Staudt said that if the governing parties submitted its proposal as their own, Jobbik would not treat this as a matter of prestige and would fully support it in a parliamentary vote.

He said that by selling residency bonds,

the governing alliance had already enabled 20,000 “well-to-do migrants” to settle in the country.

Jobbik would insert a clause in the Constitution which stipulates that residency rights cannot be sold for money in any form whatsoever, Staudt said.

Source: MTI

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