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The opposition Jobbik party has suggested that a parliamentary committee should be set up to look into the ruling Fidesz party’s spending during the campaign ahead of the 2010 election.

Jobbik’s group leader János Volner told a press conference on Wednesday that commercial broadcaster Hir TV had not invoiced Fidesz for any of its advertisements in the campaign, which “raises suspicion of illegal party financing and tax fraud”.

Volner insisted that the committee should reveal “how much (financial) support Fidesz had received”, from what sources, and if the alleged financing had an influence on the outcome of the election.

Fidesz said in reaction that Jobbik had become a “puppet in the hands of billionaire Lajos Simicska”, who has “purchased the party and provides covert financing”. In a statement the ruling party insisted that Simicska had provided Jobbik with “unrealistically cheap” advertising and his companies “publish Jobbik’s messages without the logo of the party”.

Fidesz also insisted that it had observed the law in all its election campaigns, adding that the State Audit Office has cleared all their accounts.

Source: MTI

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  1. Elections are not just about Billboards. Elections are about the efficiency of how the said parties would run the country. If each party can put up a legitimate argument that they are capable of running the country in a legitimate way, then the outcome would be left to the voters. It is obvious that no one wants a party of liars in charge, a party that has no idea of how to run a country, and a party who has only one aim-to take charge and have power. Fidesz-KDNP have proved that they are worthy of putting Hungary on the map, worthy of working for the country and people, and has built Hungary from almost bankrupt to what it is today. Hungary has become prosperous and recognisable to the rest of the world thanks to Orbán Viktor and his government. The lefty parties are not what this country wants, because they are the liars, parties that have no ideas, and have only one goal, to kick the ruling parties out and to ruin the country once again. Jobbik and MSP, you are both hypocrits and liars and would literally ruin this country of Hungary, and undo every good thing that has been worked for by the ruling parties to date.

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