Budapest, November 24 (MTI) – Opposition Jobbik has proposed that people prosecuted or sentenced for participation in political demonstrations between October 25, 2006 and the 2010 general election should be granted amnesty.

Jobbik deputy leader László Toroczkai told a press conference that participants in the “revolutionary” protests of 2006 had “exercised their basic political rights” against a “corrupted state order” and against the Socialist government “which abused its powers”.

Toroczkai said that while former prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány and his ministers were still in politics and “counting their millions”, 17 defendants in the Budaházy case have been handed a total 125 years imprisonment by a primary court.

Jobbik’s proposal, if passed into law, would apply to hundreds of “patriots” charged with crimes such as grievous bodily harm or jeopardising public security “because of their political resistance”, Toroczkai insisted.


On August 30, György Budaházy was sentenced to 13 years in prison for carrying out terrorist activity almost a decade ago. According to the charges, Budaházy set up a terrorist organisation called the Hungarian Arrows to carry out attacks against lawmakers of the then ruling Socialist-Free Democrat alliance between 2007 and 2009.

Budaházy and his accomplices were also sentenced for throwing petrol bombs at the homes of Socialist and Free Democrat politicians and their parties’ headquarters as well as throwing petrol bombs at gay bars and outlets, such as a ticket office in Budapest’s 13th district.

Source: MTI

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