Budapest, November 2 (MTI) – The radical nationalist Jobbik party on Monday called on the government to prepare plans for handling migrants expelled from western Europe.

Deputy leader Daniel Z Karpat told a press conference that no procedures have been prepared so far on handling the hundreds of migrants who are already staying in Hungary. They should be returned to their country of origin, unless it is unsafe, or to the country where they first entered the European Union, he added.

Jobbik expects the government to publish a list showing how many migrants it is unable to expel or return to their country of origin and what it plans to do with them, he said.

Karpat also asked what the government is planning to do if the EU introduces a mandatory quota system for the distribution of migrants. If this will be the case, Jobbik proposes holding a binding referendum, he said.

Photo: MTI


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  1. EXCUSE ME, BUT ‘JOBBIK’, YOU ARE NOT THE GOVERNMENT WHO DECIDES WHAT AND WHEN THINGS ARE TO BE DONE. With the caps off, Jobbik, sit back and watch the ride, maybe you’ll learn something. We don’t need an Hitler style shananagans here…..

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