Budapest, January 6 (MTI) – The radical nationalist Jobbik called on Prime Minister Viktor Orban to strike an alliance with British counterpart David Cameron at their upcoming meeting on Thursday in order to “recover Hungary’s national sovereignty”.

Ever since its foundation, Jobbik has repeatedly proposed amending the European Union’s basic treaties and Hungary’s accession treaty but the ruling Fidesz rejected this, Jobbik MP Marton Gyongyosi told a press conference.

“This idea is no heresy”, he said, adding that Britain is already making use of the opportunities offered by the Lisbon Treaty for reform.

The Hungarian government should take the opportunity to become an ally to a great power in recovering its sovereignty, Gyongyosi said.

The cabinet should draw up a list of required amendments in order to assert national interests, such as increasing the role of national parliaments, the issue of migration and the protection of native minorities and farmland, he added.

Jobbik will initiate a day of political debate in parliament about the need to amend the EU’s basic treaties, he said.


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  1. At 1st Glance I thought Gyongyosi was calling for an Alliance with “Cameroon”…which would have made more Sense.

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