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Budapest, January 15 (MTI) – The opposition Jobbik party will not enter into any alliance with either the ruling Fidesz party or the Socialists or any other left-wing party before the 2018 general election, spokesman Péter Jakab said, citing the Saturday decision of the party’s national board.

“The period of guesswork is over,” he told a press conference on Sunday, referring to recent rumours “aired by Fidesz and mostly by left-wing intellectuals” about the forces Jobbik would cooperate with.

Jobbik, as a 21st-century political community, will not cooperate with corrupt 20th-century parties which are jointly responsible for the failure of the past 26 years, he said.

The spokesman accused left-wing politicians of no longer wanting to replace Viktor Orbán’s government. Instead, they wish to guarantee their political survival and, to this effect, “they are prepared to ally with almost anyone,” he said.

In turn, Jobbik will “replace the most corrupt government of all time and send to rest the mafia leader alone,” Jakab said

To attain this aim, Jobbik “wishes to form an alliance with the Hungarian people”, including those who voted for Fidesz previously and those who got “understandably” disappointed with the left-wing parties, he said.

Dialogue of Putin-Trump

Meanwhile, Jobbik president Gábor Vona posted on Facebook his oppinion about dialogue of Putin-Trump:

The intensification and improvement of the US-Russia dialogue is good news for the whole world, including us, Hungarians. Eastern Central Europe is a meeting point of the two great powers’ sphere of influence. You may or may not like it but it’s still a fact. If what is going on right above our heads is a dialogue rather than a clash, it offers us a better chance for solid growth. Of course, it does not really depend on us and the whole process is rather uncertain as yet, but it’s still a good sign we should take note of.

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Source: MTI, Facebook

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