Budapest, February 3 (MTI) – The radical opposition Jobbik party said it would authorise the government to introduce a “state of terrorist threat” for three days without parliamentary approval but then it would insist on making that decision subject to approval by a four-fifths majority of lawmakers, the party’s spokesman said on Wednesday.

The ruling Fidesz party last month proposed constitutional amendments to include a “state of terrorist threat” among instances that mandate the domestic deployment of the armed forces. Under the original proposal, that state would remain effective for 60-day periods and would expire if parliament does not renew them before the 60 days are up.

Jobbik spokesman Adam Mirkoczki accused Fidesz of pursuing a “base and irresponsible” policy, adding that the ruling party’s proposal has no chance of clearing parliament with support by at least two-thirds of MPs in its current form.

The current governing party would have never granted such “party-state powers” to one-time prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsany, he said.

Jobbik also insists that the government should have no right to impose restrictions on the media or the internet, and introduce measures such as rationing, evacuation and curfew during a state of terrorist threat, the spokesman said.


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