Press release – Gábor Vona was interviewed by Olga Kálmán in her TV show “Talk Straight”. Jobbik’s president talked about PM Orbán’s foreign bank accounts, the wage union and “a new European Union”.

Mr Vona reminded the viewers of Socialist politician Gábor Simon whose secret Vienna bank account led to his downfall. The president said he felt obliged to inquire if the PM was in a similar situation because if he was, then “the Prime Minister poses a national security risk as a potential target for blackmailers and other attackers”. He added he had been astounded that Mr Orbán “was unable to clearly state that the allegations were untrue”.

Mr Vona explained that, unlike former PM Ferenc Gyurcsány who had claimed to be, he had not been presented any hard evidence about the case but he wanted Mr Orbán to clarify “the allegations widely circulating in Hungarian political discourse”. “It has been alleged for years that the PM and his circle secretly transferred stolen money abroad.” The president added, pointing out the PM’s “strange, silly trips” to Switzerland, for example. That is what prompted him to ask Mr Orbán in Parliament if the allegations were true. However, he noted that he wasn’t “spending his time on this matter”, unlike Mr Gyurcsány. “I have more important things to do as the European Commission registered the initiative for a wage union on Tuesday,” Mr Vona emphasized.

Explaining the goal of the initiative, he said it was to include the key principle of “equal wages for equal work” as a fundamental freedom laid out in the EU Treaties. He added that once the Treaties are amended accordingly, we may begin to put the principle into practice, which is going to be a long process. “There is no one single sure-fire solution as this is a complex problem which needs a multi-faceted approach. And we have a concept for each aspect,” the president asserted. In Mr Vona’s view, the EU’s cohesion and convergence policy must be completely reconsidered, but such a move “requires a new European Union”. He expressed his opinion that the initiative “articulates the hope for a European Union that shows more solidarity, fairness and much more integrity.”

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