According to, the artist’s painting called Eclatement (Explosion) was sold for EUR 315 thousand (HUF 99.58 million) at the auction of Sothesby’s Paris branch – Vilaggazdasag wrote on Wednesday.

The estimated value of the picture was much lower, 60-80 thousand euros. Here you can watch a video about the auction.

New record price for Judit Reigl at Sotheby’s in Paris. With the buyers premium 315.000 euros!!! Új rekord ár Reigl Juditnak – 99.788.000 Ft !!!!

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Although the nearly 100 million HUF amount is the record of Judit Reigl’s oeuvre as well, more money has been spent on her work in gallery sales: the French Beres gallery paid 340 euro for a Reigl-work, earlier, a single work of her was sold for 220 thousand and 260 thousand euros in Vienna and New York. At Sothesby’s auction in London, 175 thousand euro was paid for one of her paintings, which was an outstanding price.

Judit Reigl was born in 1923, she was educated in Hungary and she could get to Paris after her 9th attempt to escape, in 1950. Her art trade career begun late, in 2006 – Vilaggazdasag wrote.

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