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Justice Minister Judit Varga has commented on Facebook in connection with an interview she gave to BBC’s HardTalk on Tuesday, saying she had made clear in the interview that “the Brussels narrative on the demolition of the rule of law is hypocritical and false”.

In the Facebook post on Wednesday, Varga said it was regrettable that “Europe’s best-known and most-watched” programme on politics had relied for its background research on the CEU and civil organisations and news outlets allied to critics of the government.

Varga said the “coordinated disinformation campaign” in the western press, waged “with the powerful help of the Hungarian opposition” was easily debunked with legal arguments and facts.

The full interview on BBC HARDTalk

Minister Varga Facebook post about HardTalk:

Pass it on! Here is my full interview on BBC HARDTalk.
‚ÄĘ I am sorry that in perhaps Europe’s best-known and most watched political program, in 24 minutes, it only got accusations based on well-known panels: CEU, civil law, index.hu, dying press freedom, etc .. On the other hand, I am glad that, through the interview, it became clear to many of our European friends that the Brussels narrative on the demolition of the rule of law is hypocrite and false
‚ÄĘ As it was quickly revealed in this interview, the coordinated disinformation campaign against Hungary in the Western press, built with the powerful help of the Hungarian opposition, easily breaks out if one responds to the accusation with legal arguments and lean facts.
‚ÄĘ No matter how loudly they shout, no matter how many times it is repeated that Hungary and Poland have blocked the historic agreement, the reality, on the other hand, is that the moral responsibility lies with those who want to rewrite the 27 EU heads of state and government for ideological reasons unanimous agreement in July
‚ÄĘ Make it clear to everyone that Hungary cannot be blackmailed.
‚ÄĘ As soon as we return to the previously unanimous agreement or a text that is free from ideological blackmail and in line with the EU treaties is put back on the table, Hungary will be the first to adopt it.
‚ÄĘ In the meantime, we will do our best to make the voices of Hungary and the Hungarian people louder and louder across Europe, because I believe that the old continent did not need this clear, sincere voice as much as it does today.
The homeland above all!

Daily News Hungary
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  1. I watched it (this interview in Hard Talk). Varga did not cone across well. She might have thought that she scored points but she did not: she talked over over the interviewer Stephen Sackur, pretended that his questions were not questions and was generally evasive. None of this was helped by her fairly poor command of the English language. If she thinks that the interview was a triumph, she should think again. That said, she did better than Sziijarto when he was interviewed – he came across as an ignorant braggard and bully, shouting at the interviewer.

  2. May George Soros. Live for ever- how dare anyone offend his organizations- you have to love it when the BBC funded media with be mandatory 300$ yearly fee for far left media one of the biggest n the worldHow dare a Obran supporter own a media firm.
    90% of the media in the US is left wing trump haters and they dominate most of world media including BBC

  3. @Tedmader2: You are talking out of your posterior. You clearly don‚Äôt know the first thing about the BBC – you can‚Äôt even get the licence fee right. The BBC has impartiality embedded in its charter. The far right are given air time in proportion to their numbers, which thankfully, is a small, unrepresentative minority. The situation in the US bears no comparison to the BBC or to UK broadcasting in general- a station like Fox News would not be allowed to broadcast in the UK. Ofcom, the regulator and competition watchdog, which is Government Quango maintain very high standards, standards which the ‚Äėwild west‚Äô media of the US sadly lacks.

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