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Justice Minister: Hungary cannot wait for new EU migration policy

Justice Minister: Hungary cannot wait for new EU migration policy

Budapest, August 24 (MTI) – Hungary intends to play an active role in forming the European Union’s new migration policy, but the government needs to take steps of its own before the new rules are finalised, Justice Minister Laszlo Trocsanyi told news portal on Monday.

Hungary is at the sharp end of the European field when it comes to calling for strict measures to halt illegal migration, the minister said, adding that Hungary “will want to have its voice heard when it is time to put together the European Union’s new migration policy.”

Trocsanyi noted that the EU does not have a common policy for dealing with the migrant crisis, and certain member states face greater migration pressure than others. The 28 member states will have to compromise to reach an agreement on the union’s new policy, “which will not be easy,” the minister said.

Referring to the fence Hungary is constructing on its border with Serbia to stem the flow of illegal migrants, Trocsanyi said the country was forced to act as the migrant crisis “has created an emergency situation in the region.” The minister said Hungary’s borders should only be crossed at the legal border crossings because “having 1,500 people entering the country illegally on a daily basis is unacceptable.”


Trocsanyi noted that an extraordinary session of parliament will be held in September to amend the penal code by introducing stricter rules on illegal migration.

Photo: MTI


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