Gábor Kaleta Hungarian Ambassador to Peru
Dr. Gábor Kaleta Photo: twitter.com/Promperu

Gábor Kaleta, former Hungarian Ambassador to Peru, will not serve prison time, as the prosecutor’s office accepted his verdict. If Kaleta agrees to his sentence, he will only get suspended imprisonment, as well as a fine of approximately €1,500.

The Hungarian population was not happy with the light verdict the diplomat received for his paedophilia scandal, reported Blikk. Kaleta did not admit to his crimes during the investigation, he did so, however, at the preparatory hearing, which made both the prosecution and the defence ask for three days to think.

The prosecution revealed to Blikk their decision to sentence him to suspended imprisonment. “In their indictment, the General Prosecutor’s Office of Budapest, proposed the imposition of an additional sentence of imprisonment and disqualification from public affairs if the accused did not waive the right to a trial or did not testify at the preparatory hearing,” said Péter Gasz, a substitute spokesman.

The prosecutor’s office found suspended imprisonment justified if the accused admitted to his crimes of possession of thousands of child pornography pictures at the preparatory hearing.

The court originally sentenced Kaleta to a year of imprisonment and two and a half years of suspended imprisonment, as well as to a €1,500 fine without a trial, because of the pandemic. The prosecution found this sentence not to be strict enough without a confession, so they requested the trial.

“Both motions of punishment essentially complied with the sentencing practice of the courts operating in the area of ​​jurisdiction of the General Prosecutor’s Office,” the substitute spokesman said. He also referred to the fact that the court placed Kaleta under supervised probation and that he went under voluntary medical treatment.

Csaba Mester, Kaleta’s defence attorney, did not reply to Blikk’s question about whether they will or will not accept the verdict, stating he had no right to do so. They did not get a reply from the Ministry of Justice about tightening the Penal Code on child pornography, either.

Source: blikk.hu

  1. Obviously, this sick man is one of the best friends of…..
    Why don’t you write that?
    The friends of …. will never go to jail, not even if convicted for child pornography.
    Only in Hungary…. ( and maybe in North Korea )

  2. Yet again, Judge Mario pronounces his opinion from the heavens.

    Where can us mere mortals offer sacrificial offerings to this ‘all-knowing’ pseudo-deity ?

  3. The problem (for Fidesz) is not so much that he did it, the problem is that he was caught doing it… First Borkai, now Kaleta.. how many more perverts waiting to come out?…. Fidesz–KDNP: a party rooted in deep traditional values: Isten, haza, csalad… LOL

  4. Child molesters should get the death penalty or if Europeans cannot stomach a public hanging, They should get no less than 20 years without early release and if caught for a 2nd offense public execution by hanging or life in prison without ever being released.

    Those lucky enough to be released should be added to a registered sex offender list with their address publicly available, forced to wear GPS tracking and barred form any contact with children, barred from the internet, mobile and computers, barred from all social media and prohibited from living within 500 meters of any school, church park, playground or places that children frequent.

    If they are an employee of any governmental entity stripped of their pension.

  5. No punishment is harsh-enough for these aberrations of humanity as these subhumans damage the
    lives of innocent children for ever.

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