Keleti Pályaudvar Railway Station
Keleti Railway Station, Photo: Wikimedia Commons by Mister No

Due to maintenance works, Budapest Keleti Railway Station will be closed for two weeks, which will affect several train routes, schedules and terminals. Between May 13 and 26, the rail tracks will be renovated and the entire hall will get a unified asphalt pavement.

Portfolio reports that Keleti Railway Station will be closed between the 13th and 16th of May due to renovation.

Maintenance work will be carried out on the platforms, the switchers, the signalling controls responsible for controlling traffic, the overhead line network, lighting and the rail tracks. In addition, the platforms will be asphalted down, and new LED displays for information will be installed.

The old, out-of-use kiosks will be dismantled; new benches, trash cans and passenger information signs will be installed. In order to give the railway station a fresh look, the damaged walls will be repaired as well, and the green areas near the main and side entrances will be decorated with flowers.

These maintenance tasks can be carried out only if train traffic is closed down entirely at the station.

In short, some of the changes introduced will look like the following:

Budapest-Győr-Hegyeshalom line:
– express trains on lines Hegyeshalom-Budapest-Keleti and Budapest-Keleti-Győr will have Kőbánya-Kispest station as their stop instead of Keleti Railway Station
– InterCity trains from Sopron and Szombathely will stop at Déli Railway Station
– international, EuroCity, EuroNight and Railjet trains commuting on the Budapest-Győr-Hegyeshalom line will use Déli Railway Station
– EuroNight trains between Budapest Keleti and München will stop at Kelenföld station

Budapest-Pusztaszabolcs-Pécs line:
– most InterCity trains on this line and express trains will stop at and depart from Kelenföld

Budapest-Szolnok-Debrecen-Nyíregyháza-Záhony line:
– passengers will have to transfer at Szolnok

– the Corona and Hargita InterCity trains will use Kőbánya-Kispest station as their terminal

Budapest-Kunszentmiklós-Tass-Kelebia line:
– trains on this line will use Kőbánya-Kispest station as their terminal

Tapolca-Székesfehérvár-Budapest line:
– train 19713 from Tapolca at 15:50 will stop at Kelenföld instead of Déli Railway Station

Bucharest-Vienna (Dacia international express), Záhony-Vienna (Hortobágy EuroCity), Cluj Napoca – Vienna (Transilvania EuroCity):
– these trains will not stop at Keleti

Passengers are advised that only the international ticket offices accessible from Thököly Road will be open in this period, where 4 inland, 4 international and an information office will be available between 5:25 and 19:40. Ticket machines will not be operating.

featured image: Wikimedia Commons by Mister No


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