The newly built Komáromi Bridge over the River Danube is soon to be inaugurated and integrated into the traffic of Hungary, but before that, the lights and other visual elements of the structure were tested.

Komárom danube bridge hungary
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Magyar Építők reported that the lighting system of the 600-metre-long new bridge 170 metres away from the railway bridge is getting close to its finishing touches. Architects of the bridge have successfully tested the lights and other decorating elements of the structure. 

Komáromi Bridge, bridge, Hungary
Komáromi Bridge, Hungary, bridge

The whole project cost approximately 91 million euros.

It has been reported that only a few steps are necessary for finishing the construction of the bridge, and after that, Hungarian and Slovakian authorities need to discuss further steps in terms of legal and traffic regulations. 

bridge, Hungary, Komáromi bridge
Hungary, Komáromi Bridge
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