Budapest, November 4 (MTI) – Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party will launch a signature drive to gather support for its policy of opposing European Union mandatory migrant quotas, the party’s group leader told a news conference on Wednesday.

Lajos Kosa said the system to redistribute migrants among EU member states was “pointless” and would increase the risk of terrorism and crime. Further, he insisted that the scheme contravened international treaties and would not be a solution to the “modern-day invasion”.

The main target countries of migrants entering Europe illegally are Germany, Denmark and Sweden, Kosa said. “These people cannot be kept here by force unless we somehow guard them.” Otherwise “they will neglect all legal regulations” and return to their desired country, Kosa said.

Nobody has been asked in Europe whether they support the compulsory settlement of migrants, he said, adding Hungary may have to accept over 160,000 migrants — the size of a city like Szeged — over the next five years.

People who agree the quota system lacks a legal basis and goes contrary to the interests of Hungary and the EU will be asked to express support for Fidesz’s petition, the party’s MEP Ildiko Gall told the press conference.

The compulsory quota also goes against EU law because it obliges migrants to remain in the country, restricting their freedom of movement, a basic EU right, she said. Moreover, the quota system will be seen as an invitation to millions of more migrants, she added.

The Fidesz board has asked the party’s parliamentary group to launch the signature drive to be carried out by activists in public areas and with doorstop visits. It is also planned that signatures can be submitted over the internet later on, Kosa said. Fidesz plans to reach out to as many people as possible in the remainder of the year, and the signatures will be sent to Brussels, he added.

Fidesz wants parliament to pass legislation instructing the government to appeal against the EU decision on quotas at the European Court. Additionally, more legislation is planned to prohibit the cabinet settling migrants without parliament’s approval, Kosa said.

He presented the petition dubbed “Let’s protect the country” and its text which says: “By joining this petition, you also say no to senseless and lawless settlement quotas”.



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