(MTI) – The government will not levy a special tax on road construction companies, cabinet chief Janos Lazar told commercial TV2 on Thursday.

The European Commission is reviewing Hungary’s state road construction projects which used 500 billion forints (EUR 1.6bn) worth of EU funding. If discrepancies are found Hungary could face a fine of up to 100 billion forints.

Lazar said the commission had started an investigation into Hungary’s construction projects but it is not yet known what the consequences would be.

“The government will first and foremost protect Hungarian taxpayers and Hungarian companies. We are not about to extend this protection to foreign companies.”

According to press reports legislation is in the pipeline for a 15 percent special tax on the net revenue of companies that had won state road construction contracts worth more than 100 million forints in the past seven years. The government has denied it had such plans.

Photo: www.fidesz.hu

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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