Budapest – A recently leaked report of the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service caused a huge scandal. According to it, two-third of the hospitals should be closed. It is no wonder, since the queue is huge, the doctors are overwhelmed and the lack of money is immense, told.

The medical technology is outdated in many places, the qualified doctors leave the country, and it is almost impossible to start something new with the older doctors. searched hospitals located in different parts of Budapest. The sight did not refute the bad daily news.

The first scene was the Szent János Hospital in the 12th district which is one of the biggest health institutions in the capital. In the psychiatric department the shower was dirty, there was no toilet paper, you could smell the stink in the hallway, and the patients’ catheter was lying on the ground.

The terrible conditions are mainly due to the shortage of money and people. The hospital is looking for several doctors and workmen, like carpenters and cleaners.

The situation is the same in the Merényi Gusztáv Hospital in the 9th district, not to mention the crumbling grouts and moldy walls, wrote.

The patients undergoing psychiatric treatment are searching for cigarettes in the dustbins, and the courtyard is more like a ghost ranch. The institutions did not want to answer the questions of the newspaper.

Former chief medical officer Judit Paller said in 2012 that the National Public Health Service abandoned the checking of the statutory minimum conditions, since none of the Hungarian health institutions met these conditions.

Due to the impossible conditions almost three thousand people die in MRSA infection in Hungary every year, but most of the real statistics are hidden by secrecy.

The State Secretariat for Health told that the government spent more than 500 billion HUF on hospital developments; most of them took place outside Budapest and Pest county. The cabinet wants to build a new hospital in Budapest to improve the conditions; 1 billion HUF will be spent on it.

The 24-year-old Norbert Lakatos, unable to compensate financially for the dedication of the health workers, painted the nursery of the Flór Ferenc Hospital in Kistarcsa, Pest county. His daughter was taken into hospital for 6 days, and the doctors helped them through the illness, so the parents wanted to thank them in this way.


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  1. Since Hungary is so gracious in offering free and low cost university to their students there should be an agreement for all students seeking nursing, doctor and higher degreed medical diplomas that upon finishing their schooling they must work in Hungarian public hospitals for four years and not be allowed to skip out of the country seeking better paying jobs and leaving the very country that educated them on the cheep high and dry.

  2. Edward Vaughan
    I’m not Hungarian, but have many friends there and usually spend about 3
    months in Hungary every 2 or 3 years.
    I know this is a big problem there and i think some kind of policy or agreement
    like the one described in the above comment might work very well.

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