Hungarian spice paprika

What is the N°1 thing foreigners know about Hungary? Is it Ferenc Puskás, goulash soup or maybe paprika? Well, the world-famous Hungarian spice is definitely on the top list – and it has every right to be as it does form not only an essential part of Hungarian gastronomy, but also our national identity.

This is exactly what the crew of Great Big Story realised. However, this is not the first time Hungarian traditions inspired the global media company devoted to cinematic storytelling. They have already published a video about the Hungarian “cowboys” and the hidden underwater world of Budapest.

Regarding our cuisine, they believe: to understand Hungary is to understand paprika.

“From festivals and museums dedicated to the stuff, to a simple garnish on some goulash, it’s been spicing up a new generation of Hungarian high cuisine.”

The video was made in collaboration with the Hungarian Tourism Agency as part of the channel’s “Flavors” series and the agency’s “Spice of Europe” campaign.

Learn about the 200-year-old Hungarian love affair with the “red gold” and make sure to taste this incredible spice if you have not already.

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