If you like Hungarian cuisine, but have only little knowledge in the Hungarian language, this video created by Eat-Budapest is for you!

Tourists from all around the world praise the traditional Hungarian dishes and drinks like gulyás leves (goulash soup), Dobos torta (Dobos cake) and the wines of Tokaj, but the tricky pronunciation of these delicious menu items often cause misunderstandings in restaurants. As these unique, spicy and filling foods are getting the recognition they deserve, visitors of the country are eager to try the best that restaurants and marketplaces can offer.

Almost one year ago, Buzzfeed had posted a lengthy article (you can read it HERE) about the 32 tastiest Hungarian foods the whole world should know and love. Some of these dishes are so popular they have already conquered the hearts of gourmands in many countries: lángos (fried dough) has gained popularity in Australia and goulash has many versions and even more fans all around the world.

With the help of this 5 and a half minute long video, you can polish your Hungarian and get familiar with the 33 most beloved Hungarian foods, so that ordering them won’t be a problem in the future!

The first pronunciation (by Tenah, a New Yorker) is a nice, but not so accurate interpretation of the Hungarian names, so if you want to master the proper pronunciation of these 33 words, concentrate on the second version: you should sound like András from Budapest!

by Laura Kocsis

Source: http://dailynewshungary.com

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