Duolingo, one of the biggest free language-learning platforms has been developing Hungarian language courses with the help of volunteers since January 2014. This month, they announced on Facebook that Hungarian is finally available to learn in Duolingo, index.hu writes.

Hungarian is one of the 21 languages now available to learn for English speakers, and there are also many languages you can learn in other languages, such as French for German speakers or Italian for Spanish speakers, to name a few. The Hungarian version is in its beta phase but it is already freely available on the Duolingo website. The mobile app is also available on iOS and Android.

Duolingo has a game-like structure where users can gain experience points to complete a lesson. It has writing and dictation tasks, and it also teaches and tests vocabulary. Users are encouraged to practise daily by being awarded extra points for maintaining a 7-day usage-streak.

Duolingo was co-founded by Luis von Ahn, one of the pioneers of crowdsourcing and the developer of the CAPTCHA spam detecting technology.

The Hungarian version of Duolingo was developed by Martin Blazsek, Mátyás Makay, Ádám Szegi, and András Szesztai, with the help of the Duolingo community. New languages are added to the platform in a so called incubator, where multilingual contributors can design courses on thematic groups, grammar, or the vocabulary of a given language.

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Source: index.hu

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