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Budapest, April 10 (MTI) – Parties of the leftist opposition will hold a demonstration of “victims” of the past five years of the Fidesz-led government in central Budapest on Saturday, organisers told a press conference.

Socialist board member Karoly Beke said that the last government cycle left behind “broken tobacconists, farmers stripped of their land and people deprived of their private pension savings, as well as stranded Quaestor investors”. He said the Quaestor affair symbolised the government’s “destructive” practices including “theft, fraud, lies, eyewash and defection”.

The event is organised by the Socialists, the Democratic Coalition (DK), the Dialogue for Hungary (PM) party and the Liberal Party (MLP).

DK’s Szabolcs Kerek-Barczy urged early elections and subsequent legislation to facilitate that private assets of members of the incumbent government are used to pay compensation to victims of the “corrupted mafia cabinet”.

MLP executive Anett Bosz said that Quaestor’s investors were the victims of criminal activities, and blamed the government and its authorities for failing to prevent those developments.

Bence Tordai of PM said the National Bank’s failure concerning the Quaestor affair was clear and urged legislation to ensure compensation for the clients. He also demanded that Parliament should be dissolved due to a “moral crisis”. He insisted that the Quaestor scandal made it “obvious that the government, the central bank and the prosecutor’s office are full of criminals, accomplices and perjurers”.

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  1. Anti-Government Demonstration, one might have known who is behind this. The one and only “RAT”, Gyurcsány. This person is a poor loser and could not stand the fact that the Ruling Party won over his cronies 4 times in the past 5 years. He and many others in the Socialist parties know Obán Victor and his very good government have brought Hungary out of the pits of distruction from the Socialist parties. It is common knowledge that if the Socialists under Gyurcsány and co. had staid in power, the whole of Hungary would be in a state of bancrupsy. It was Gyurcsány who took a months pension from the pensioners. It was Gyurcsány who started and led the Broker Banks into corruption followed by bankcrupsy. Everything that Orbán Victors Government has done since 2010 has been legitimate and above board for the full benefit of the Hungarian people. Gyurcsány, you want to stop kidding the people and tell them the truth for a change. You are the one who lies, commits fraud,and eyewash and defection. Watch your own interview on ” HARDTALK”, “UNDERLINED GYURCSÁNY THE LIAR.” Why don’t you tell the People the truth about where you got your money to make you so rich? You are a piece of dirt and should not be accepted as a politition. You should have your immunity taken away, to be tried and put into prison. I am an English person living in Hungary, and I can detect a rat when I see one. Leave Obán Victor alone to get on with his splended job.

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