The world can now admire the work of a Hungarian artist in the Vatican, reports. Hungary has recently been honoured: we could give Pope Francis a piece of art painted by a Hungarian artist.

Sándor Püspöki is a graphic artist. He is the first Hungarian whose picture joined (in September 2017) the company of immortal artists on the Vatican museum wall. This fact almost immediately raised the artistic value of his works.

The artist described the formation of the image the Vatican received:

“Father, paint a picture on religions, which will be a stunning insight, a vision! –  my 25 years old son, Sanci told me these words during a conversation at daybreak. At that time he had been sightless for 3 years. He lost the sight for both of his eyes as a result of an accident, but thank God, not his willingness, perseverance, and determination to life. The picture was finished; our joint work and vision which is faithfully reflecting the power of our unity, our faith.

The completed painting speaks for itself.”

Photo:án Képtár made an interview with the artist.

About his friendship with other artists he said: “There are many talented artists living and working in the world, moreover, now here is the younger generation, who must also fight the demons of the world of art. We get more of failure and suffering than the beloved success, but if an artist is persistent and humble, he or she will be recognised, sooner or later”.

About the place of creation, thought, religion and, in the broader sense, the freedom of the individual in his philosophy he said that

his artistic freedom guides him in getting close to any religion through the diversity of his painting and the love of the people.

Püspöki also admitted that he had been working his entire life on his own, consistent, personal style. He believes he still has a lot to do, he has many topics in his head he wants to form into pieces of art, thus filling the hearts of people with love, hope and happiness.

Featured Image:án Képtár


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