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Last weekend’s weather was perfect for a picnic on Margaret Island or biking around the capital. However, as the weather gets warmer, it will slowly become too hot to stay outside. Luckily, Budapest has many open-air baths where you can cool off during the summer (late spring). The open-air baths of Budapest will officially open this weekend, reports


Palatinus and Paskál Bath are the first ones to open in Budapest.

At Palatinus, besides the many pools, there are also water slides and huge playgrounds for the kids (1000 nm). There is also a renovated fitness park outside, and a newly established football tennis court that is definitely worth checking out.

Then, Csillaghegyi Bath and Swimming Pool will open on 27 May, and Pünkösdfürdői Beach will open on the 2nd of June.


Prices remained more or less the same in all of the baths.

Csillaghegyi Bath and Swimming Pool and Pünkösdfürdői Beach kept their prices the same, but even where prices did change; there has been only a minimal increase since last season (by HUF 100 or so).

Adult tickets are between HUF 1800-3100. Discounted tickets (child, student, senior) cost about HUF 1500-2600. Most of the places offer family tickets which are a little bit cheaper than the regular ones. Tickets to the Csillaghegyi Bath and Swimming Pool cost only HUF 1000 on Weekdays, and HUF 1200 on weekends (at least until the new wellness section opens, because currently, large-scale renovations are happening there).

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Cashless payment

Luckily, you can pay with card in all of the places by now, so you do not need to worry about the cash. As a matter of fact, cashless payment has been introduced everywhere. Visitors can pay with either their own debit or credit cards or with the card that is provided by the bath.

It is an easier and safer way for everyone where visitors do not need to constantly worry about their wallets.

All beaches will organise several events during the summer. Visitors will find programmes for the whole family: activities for the kids, sports events for the adults, etc. Stay tuned.

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