We can row surrounded by painting-like scenery in Miskolc and Budapest, but we can take a boat ride next to a beach of romantic islands. Here are the places not worth missing out on.

Here are the top seven most beautiful lakes according to termalfurdo.hu:

Lake Tisza

An amazing environmentally friendly initiation started on Lake Tisza in Tiszafüred. Anyone who helps collect a bag of trash from the lake can use the canoes from the Albatrosz harbour for free. Beautiful, untouched wildlife surrounds us if we go on an adventurous tour on Lake Tisza. It is a complete discovery tour with huge flower fields, wavy sedge, fairytale reeds, on an exciting route. We can go on the trip with a bigger group of friends, up to 10 people, with a leader, or we can also ride alone.

Délegyházi lakes

The lake system’s biggest beach, only 27 kilometres from Budapest, can be found on Nomád shore. Uninhabited islands await visitors across from the clean, nicely maintained shore. The lakes are a watery paradise, where everyone can find something they like: fishing, relaxing, sports opportunities. Those who want to find something active to spend the day with can hop in a boat, on a peddle boat, or even on a surfboard.
délegyházi tó
Photo: https://delegyhazitavak.hu/

Városliget lake

The favourite of those living in Budapest is the artificially built Városliget lake, next to Castle Vajdahunyad, which also serves as an ice rink in the winter. It offers an incredible view of the castle, the green area and the ice rink’s building. From spring, tourists can take boats, canoes, peddle boats to observe the scenery from a different perspective.

Boating and fishing lake of Szombathely

One of the most beautiful and romantic places of Szombathely is the boating lake, which has a 50-meter-long bridge taking us to its little island. The place is not only popular among locals, but tourists vacationing on a nearby beach like to visit, too. Boats and peddle boats can be rented starting March.


Boating lake of Miskolctapolca

The park and boating lake of Miskolctapolca are the centres and the “lungs” of the city, as it is an environmentally protected area. In the park, next to the Barlangfürdő (Cave Bath) is the small lake, where boats and peddle boats can be rented – in nice weather, even in September, every day of the week between 10 AM and 7 PM. On old postcards, the small islands can be seen covered in alder trees, which can be found even today. An interesting fact is that the water in the lake usually changes itself every 7.5 days.

Lake Hámor

The lake straight out of a fairy tale can be found in Lillafüred, which came to be because of the damming effect of the limestone dam on Stream Szivna, in the valley of Garadna. The emerald-coloured water’s surface reflects the mountains and boat rides can be taken on it. The lake offers a special and unique mood each season. The surrounding mountains offer the most beautiful view from the boats; there is no such scenery anywhere else. The boats can be rented next to Palotaszálló.
hámori tó
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Lake Deseda

Hungary‘s longest artificial lake can be found north of Kaposvár, which offers both nature and sports lovers a fun time, as it is surrounded by a forest and a field. On one side is the city, on the other nature. The lake not only offers boat rides but other kinds of water sports can be tried, too. Next to the István Fekete Visitor Centre, people can go birdwatching, go to a dragonfly house, watch turtles. Kids can enjoy a water playground, and there is a 14-kilometre-long ecotourism footpath as well.

Source: https://www.termalfurdo.hu/

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