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Budapest, April 19 (MTI) – So far, over 140,000 voters have returned their answers by mail or online to the government’s “national consultation” questionnaires, Bence Tuzson, state secretary in charge of government communications, told public news television M1 on Wednesday.

Tuzson reiterated that the survey was designed to ensure public support to the government’s efforts “to protect the utility cuts programme” as well as “to stop illegal migration” and “protect Hungary’s borders”.

In another interview, broadcast on public Kossuth Radio, Tuzson said that “some organisations, typically backed by (US billionaire) George Soros” aim to “import migrants to the European Union”.

Referring to a government bill before parliament concerning the transparency of civil groups, Tuzson said that the proposal aimed at shedding light on the workings of “activist groups or agencies trying to influence the country’s policies”. “Everybody knows what funds they use and who is behind them,” he insisted.

The government launched its survey dubbed “Let’s Stop Brussels” on April 1, sending questionnaires to the whole voter base of about 8 million people and providing a website to answer the questions.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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