Budapest, 2018. március 8. Simicskó István honvédelmi miniszter (j) és Nurettin Canikli török nemzetvédelmi miniszter sajtótájékoztatót tart megbeszélésüket követõen a budapesti minisztériumban 2018. március 8-án. MTI Fotó: Bruzák Noémi

The defence ministers of Hungary and Turkey discussed ways to strengthen cooperation between their respective countries on Thursday.

Mass illegal migration and the accompanying dangers including terrorism were highlighted topics at the talks, Hungary’s István Simicskó told a press conference after the meeting. He expressed thanks to his counterpart for Turkey’s efforts to improve security in Europe and Hungary in recent years.

Turkey is looking after some four million migrants. Since the start of the crisis situation, around 270,000 Syrian children have been born in Turkey, he added.

Turkey has considerable experience in fighting terrorism and it is therefore in Hungary’s interest to strengthen cooperation between the secret services of the two countries, Simicskó said.

Turkey has one of the strongest armies among Hungary’s allies, he said, adding that they agreed to enhance army cooperation by organising joint military exercises and training sessions.

Simicskó briefed his counterpart on a ten-year development plan for Hungary which incorporates important defence industry developments. Turkey has a major defence industry and Hungary plans to rely on Turkish know-how and experience, he said.

The historical past of the two countries was also on the agenda, including events of the first world war. Simicskó said his counterpart proposed building a worthy memorial in Gallipoli, where a Hungarian unit fought alongside the Turkish army.

Nurettin Canikli said Turkey supported Hungary’s position on illegal migration and would make every effort to reduce migration pressure on Hungary.

Turkey has been battling terrorism for forty years, he said. The Turkish armed forces will not let up until all areas are cleansed of terrorists, he added.

“The Turkish people are close friends of Hungarians” and relations are not burdened by any problems, he said. In all current matters, the two countries share the same views, he added.

Source: MTI

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  1. As a Canadian-Hungarian, and knowing our past history. Enemies or aggressors of the past centuries, make the best friends of the last couple and future coming centuries. Two thumbs up for finally Turkish Hungarian brotherly relations!! This is what the rest of the world longs for. With radicals aside, we both will triumph well into the future, as we are related historically.

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