Hungarian gastronomy – especially wineries and restaurants – has been blooming in Hungary for the last few years. The Gourmet festival which celebrates its 2nd birthday this year presents the essence of the gastro revolution for the visitors coming to the Millennium Park – reported.

The 3-day-long festival takes place in the Millennium Park in Budapest between 30th May and 1st June. During the festival the public can meet and discover the best Hungarian restaurants, wineries, cake shops and gourmet shops. Beside the modern variety of food, a traditional Hungarian meal is also at the center of the festival. While the goulash was the main theme last year, this time the layered potato (“rakott krumpli”) is in the focus of the excellent chefs. The organizers aim is to make the best chefs re-create a traditional Hungarian meal each year. Among others, visitors could try those recreations of the typical layered potato (“rakott krumpli”) which were cooked by the chefs Tamás Széll from Onyx restaurant, Miguel Rocha Vieira from Costes restaurant, Ákos Sárközi from Borkonyha restaurant, each restaurants was awarded by Michelin-star.

Furthermore, the best restaurants and cake shops of the countryside are also participating, such as the IKON restaurant of Debrecen and the Kistücsök restaurant of Balatonszemes as well as the Baricska folk restaurant of Balatonfüred. Interestingly, only the invited restaurants can take part in the event which guarantees that only the best restaurants and wineries can be part of the Gourmet Festival.

According to, there were more than 12.000 visitors who tasted and tried the meals of the best 50 Hungarian restaurants last year. Therefore the organizers are waiting even more exhibitors and guests for the three-day long event this year.

Moreover, several interesting programs will also wait the visitors: there will be programs for children, informative programs as well as kitchen school. Last, but not least, a chef battle between Lajos Bíró and Viktor Segal will also be held and some famous chefs are also coming to the festival to show their expertise in various fields.

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