There are fewer and fewer crimes, burglaries and car thefts where surveillance camera system operates, wrote.

The license plate recognition cameras are the most effective. Since criminals rarely leave the scene of the crime by bus or tram, all vehicle movements on the ground can be checked afterwards.

A growing number of local governments deploy the cameras equipped with license plate recognition software. The best method is to deploy them on the settlements’ roads which leads in and out, so, in a way, they can “close” the city or the village.

The system is already fully functioning in Kaposvar, and local representatives of Erd, Esztergom, Marcali, Pecs, Mohacs, Szazhalombatta, Miskolc and Mosonmagyarovar are also negotiating about such a project. Some local governments applied from own resources, others cover their streets with watching eyes by the help of the state. The government’s program called Modern Cities gave good impetus to this, because one its aims actually is to develop the network of surveillance cameras.

The local expert asked by Helyi Hiradok told that in Csepel, in the capital, only 60 car thefts happened this year compared to 150 in 2013, thanks to the 6 cameras on the island. That fact clearly attests the effectiveness of cameras. In addition, apartment burglaries also fell by one-third.

This year, the government provided HUF 3.6 billion for deploying space controlling cameras under the program of the Interior Ministry. As a result, more than 3900 devices could be put into operation or integrated into the already operating systems by the local governments, wrote.

“Surveillance cameras play an important role in crime prevention. Their mere presence is deterrent” – security expert Istvan Kincs told Helyi Hiradok. According to him, we are also witnessing a revolution in quality in addition to the expanding network.

“Cameras that are only able to record images will be replaced by systems equipped with an intelligent, image analyzing software. Even the best-eyed operator is unable to monitor the images of dozens of cameras continuously, so the developers are working on systems which automatically analyze what they see and can notify the operator about striking incidents” – the security expert explained.

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  1. Hungarians are the best inventors ever; from the ballpoint to the train – without Hungarians Europe would be just a wasteland.

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