Viktor Berki (35) received twenty-five years of imprisonment in a Florida prison but has doubts about whether he will wake up in the morning. The Hungarian man reported that, allegedly, he and many of the convicts are treated with unbearable methods.

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Blikk reported that Berki is afraid and shocked by the life of the Florida prison. Reportedly, being a white person in a US prison is like throwing chicken meat to dogs to chew on. Berki would like to achieve being able to spend his imprisonment in Hungary, but this is hardly going to happen. The US Court charged and sentenced Berki for human trafficking and blackmail. Berki’s name is familiar to many Hungarians from 2009, though, when he became the first openly gay Hungarian man who got married in Budapest. 

Berki moved to the States after 2009 where he was known as the Coccolino-man for trafficking drugs in Coccolino bottles. Then he was charged with kidnapping young boys and selling them to sex slaves and was later sentenced to twenty-five years in prison.

Berki can leave the prison in 2036 the latest, although the Hungarian man reported that due to the circumstances in prison, he is afraid to wake up in the morning; more specifically, whether he is going to wake up at all. The other convicts constantly bully Berki as he is not a member of any group inside the prison. The Hungarian man said that once he was even raped inside his cell; this case is still under investigation. 

Guards and other persons working at the prison allegedly know about these cases but would not like to make the situation better.

Two Dutch men sentenced to five years in prison for drug trafficking in Hungary

Two Dutch men were sentenced to five years in prison on Monday for selling drugs at the Sziget music festival in 2019, the Budapest Municipal Court said on Monday.



  1. This “man” is convicted of trafficking little boys and he wants us to feel sorry for him because prison isn’t nice ?? Sleep with one eye open, pedo…. I want you to survive and suffer your WHOLE sentence !!

  2. You would think an openly gay inmate would enjoy being there because there are lots of his type there and they soon become other inmates wives. No sympathy for him at all. He should of got 50 years.

  3. I do not think he would get a more humane treatment in Hungary. Unless of course he were a ” good Christian ” and, especially, a good friend of …., as it was for the pedoambassador to Peru.
    The above ones are the two ” conditio sine qua non” for eternal immunity.

  4. #Jack: I have no sympathy for this man, let’s be clear about that. However, the rest of your comment is pathetic, ignorant and inaccurate. Typical Jack (and the other monikers that you use).

  5. anonymous, there are many who post besides myself. that have similar viewpoints on many subjects. Just because they may feel as I do does not mean I am the one posting. Have a good day.

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