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“Tujázás” is the Hungarian slang word for this old custom people used to do for many decades, to travel on crowded trams or for free. However, because of modernisation, the exterior of the trams changed, and there is no place now one can safely cling to. Of course, Hungarians are creative, so, in 2015, this old custom returned, even though it is much more dangerous than it was in the 20th century – reported

Teens kneeling on the bumper

Three teen girls were filmed on Wednesday travelling on the back bumper of a Combino tram on the Grand Boulevard of Budapest. The video went viral and has already been watched by 121 thousand people on Facebook, and even RTL Klub included it in its evening news report. When the girls noticed that they are being filmed, they waved to the camera, so they were not even able to cling on. You can watch the tape here:

Travelling on the stairs or on the bumpers of trams was very common in the last century when many people could not afford tram tickets. Thus, the habit even has a Hungarian slang word, “tujázás”, referring to the fact that passengers clung to the back of the tram where the conductor could not ask for their tickets.

tram surf
Travelling on the back of the train a couple of decades ago.

However, modern trams run with much higher speed, and there is almost no opportunity to cling onto something. Thus, travelling so on a modern-day Combino is

much more dangerous.

Strictly prohibited

Therefore, the Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK) issued a statement in which they emphasise that travelling on the bumper of the trams is strictly forbidden and those caught will be reported to the police. adds that people should not do it not only because it is officially prohibited but also since it is dangerous and everybody risks their lives while doing so.

Here is a video from 2017 in which somebody is travelling on the back of a tram in front of the Hungarian National Museum and Astoria:

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