HVG compiled a list of the fifty biggest Hungarian companies again, led once again by Mol. The combined sales of the fifty top-list companies were so high in 2011 most recently, in spite of the overhead reduction and the decline in the market price of oil, index.hu said.

The fifty companies’ combined revenue was 6% higher than in 2013, the 43 non-energy companies had 12% higher revenue. Domestic sales revenues also rose by more than 4%, however, a substantial part of it is linked to one large company, MVM.

The latter is the only energy market producer on the list compiled the reports based on last year, which can report growth, but only because last year was the first year when the company’s revenues were increased by the nationalized E.On.

On the top of the list, there is energy giant Mol (Hungarian Oil and Gas Nyrt.) with HUF 4 866 607 million revenue. The second is the car manufacturer Audi Hungaria Motor Kft. with HUF 2 336 632 million revenue. GE Infrastructure CEE Holding Kft is the third, which is a trust (machine manufacturing) with HUF 1 606 427 million revenue.

Export-oriented firms achieved real growth, just like last year, such as Audi and Mercedes. The companies employing the most people are OTP (8244 people), Hungarian Post (33 084 people) and Mol (27 499 people).

based on the article of index.hu
translated by BA

Photo: Mol Facebook page

Source: www.index.hu

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