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Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that mostly are used similarly as we use physical currencies. Though cryptocurrencies are banned in many countries, still digital currencies are far more popular now a day. It has made a totally different kind of economical structure where people invest like the share market.

Not only this, in many countries, you can go to casinos and gamble against cryptocurrencies. You can pay the betting amount with cryptocurrencies and the amount you win is deposited into the digital wallet. There you just have to provide your code or address of the digital wallet to get the money credited.

Litecoin is one such cryptocurrency that is following Bitcoin in terms of popularity. It is compared to silver whereas Bitcoin is compared to gold. Litecoin was first brought into the market by Charlie “Satoshi Lite” Lee. His company, Litecoin Foundation is famous for the development and adoption of cryptocurrency assets. Here in this article, you are going to know about Litecoin gambling and its processes as well as how to win them.

Litecoin Casino

Like the casinos where you need to play by depositing physical money to the casinos, Litecoin casinos are also very much popular. Here the rule is more or less the same but you have to pay from your digital wallet through Litecoin. There are two small alternatives of Litecoin too like mini-Litecoin and micro-Litecoin. The casino will provide you tokens against your payment with Litecoins. Moreover, while you pay your casino bills with Litecoins or you take your earnings in the form of Litecoins, it becomes tax-free.

Advantages of Litecoin Casinos

If you are a gambling lover and want your cryptocurrencies to invest in casinos then nothing can be better than playing in a Litecoin casino.

  1. There are almost 24 Litecoin casino sites listed to the authoritative body.
  2. You can have lots of Litecoin games that seem much familiar to you.
  3. You will get a Litecoin first deposit bonus from them to play games in the casino.
  4. You will be provided with lots of free spins too.

Litecoin Bonuses

While you start gambling with Litecoin you get some bonus amount against your first deposit. There are different kinds of games which provide you with different percentages of bonus.

  1. If you play BitStarz, you can get a 152% bonus which can be up to 50 LTC and 180 free spins. In this game, you can get a bonus of up to 250 LTCs and 180 free spins. There is no deposit bonus too for those who are having doubts about this. You can get 20 free spins even if you don’t deposit anything.
  2. mBit casino will offer you a 150% first deposit bonus where the amount may extend up to 296 LTCs and 100 free spins. Here the no deposit bonus is up to 50 free spins.

Free Spins

Free spins are the welcome rewards for the newcomers or sometimes you get them as a reward for your performance in any casino game. Free spins are basically provided so that you can maximise your earnings from the casino. Here in the Litecoin casinos, you can win lots of free spins so that you can win maximum from it.

Litecoin Casino Games

There are lots of Litecoin games where you can invest your cryptocurrencies. There are many popular games too among the Litecoin casino games and they attract casino lovers very much.

Litecoin blackjack

In this game, you need to collect at least 21 points to win it. This game is played between the players and the dealers. If you are not making 21 points, then also you can win the game by making more points than the dealer of the casino.

Litecoin Dice

Among the traditional games of Litecoin casinos, Litecoin dice is one of the most popular names. Like the other dice games, here you have to throw dice with 6 sides and have to get the highest possible number from this. Other than that, you have options in this game. You may have to guess whether the number is going to appear is over or under some specific number. You will be paid according to the probability of your prediction. If you can guess the number correctly, then there will be rewards.

Litecoin Lottery

Like the other lottery games, you may have to choose one number that you think is going to be drawn. If you can choose the correct number then you may win a jackpot. Though winning a jackpot is difficult here but the lowest matching number also will help you earn.

Litecoin Poker

This is a game played with 5 cards. Like the other poker games here also you need to use your strategy as well as skill to win. In video poker, you can exchange one or more cards to gather a good hand.

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