Until recently, as a gamer you had the choice between frequenting a land-based, traditional casino and playing at an online casino. The two ventures had always been separate, but this is not the case anymore.

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Earlier in March 2016, local Hungarian casino, Las Vegas Hungary began offering online live dealer gaming. Some people who usually play at this land-based casino may feel loyal to it, and choose its online services when deciding to online. However, recently there have been some critiques of their online services, and many are wondering whether they are providing a competitive product. We did our research, and while there are some favorable features if their platform, such as high levels of customization –there are three areas in which an online casino that is first and foremost an online casino, with no ties to a land-based one, is better than what Las Vegas Hungary is offering online.

Focus and specialty

Online casinos that do not also operate land-based casinos are arguably better at their job, because this is their main focus and specialty. They have been invested in the online platform and market exclusively, and much longer than a casino who is trying to dabble in both land-based as well as online gaming. With top online gambling at Red Flush casino, it is hard to compete with the years of experience and knowledge they have of the online market and industry. An online casino like Red Flush is dedicated to gaming exclusively online and as such is able to give you much better service, especially when it comes to having a top-notch technical support team.

Variety of games

For many online casino gaming enthusiasts, variety is one of the main features they look for in an online casino. The online games hosted by company Ezugi on behalf of Las Vegas Hungary are rather pitiful; with only a total of 13 games on offer, with only one version of each game, such as blackjack and keno. On the other hand, Red Flush offers you over 700 games, including video slots which are not offered by the other provider. When it comes to variety and maintaining your ability to have many choices, a well-establish online casino definitely beats this new venture by the primarily land-based Hungarian casino.

Rewards and bonuses

One of the reasons many choose to play online is that there are often added monetary benefits for doing so.

However, this does not seem to be the case on the online games offered by Las Vegas Hungary.

In comparison, Red Flush online casino offers you a new player welcome bonus of 1000 Euros when you sign up for an account. With Red Flush it is also free to download the casino software on your desktop, but with the aforementioned new online games, you are actually required to pay an initial fee for the integration and customization of your account.

So there you have it; these are the top three ways we have identified that choosing a dedicated online casino like Red Flush is far more advantageous that using the services of a land-based casino who is venturing into the online market.

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