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Budapest (MTI) – Green opposition LMP on Friday became the latest party to throw its support behind Lászlo Majtényi, Hungary’s former ombudsman, to succeed János Áder as the country’s head of state.

Speaking at a press conference, Erzsébet Schmuck, the party’s parliamentary leader, said Áder was unfit to serve as president, arguing that he was “a party soldier of Fidesz”.

Schmuck said her party believed that the office of president should be held by someone independent who stands above party politics and earns the nation’s respect through his or her professional acts.

A president should also be committed to the cause of sustainable development and future generations, she said, adding that her party had asked Majtényi to incorporate these causes into his platform. The LMP parliamentary leader said Áder had committed himself to the cause of sustainable development in words only.

Schmuck also said her party would prefer that the president be elected directly by the voters.

LMP board member Peter Ungár said Majtényi had proved that he was capable of safeguarding the rule of law, which he said Ader on the other hand had not been capable of. He acknowledged that there was little chance Majtényi would be Hungary’s next president, adding, at the same time, that “offering an alternative in itself is a choice of values”.

The idea of Majtényi’s nomination was raised by the President for the Republic civil group.

The opposition Socialist and Dialogue parties have voiced support for the initiative and LMP’s backing means Majtényi could have enough MPs backing his nomination to run for president.

Jobbik has said it would support neither Majtényi nor Áder.

President Áder’s five-year term will expire in May.

Source: MTI

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