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The opposition LMP party will approach the ombudsman over a circular from the economy ministry, under which the heads and teachers of vocational schools would not be allowed to make public statements without prior consent by the ministry.

LMP spokesman Máté Kanász-Nagy noted that the circular had been triggered by a teacher in Komárom, in northern Hungary, publicly complaining about the school’s illegitimate practice of publishing the names of students admonished.

He said that imposing such a ban was a form of censorship, an “anti-democratic curbing of the freedom of expression”.

The spokesman also urged the restoration of earlier passages to the public education act under which students, parents or teachers could not be forced to make a testimony of or deny any of their ideological or political views, nor could anyone be punished for the expression of any such views.

Answering a question if LMP could join a cooperation of leftist parties before the upcoming election, Kanász-Nagy said that “LMP cannot cooperate with players of the past”.

Source: MTI

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