The government gave “its favourite multinational companies” 80 billion forints (EUR 262m) in tax breaks in 2012-2014, Máté Kanász-Nagy, spokesman of green opposition LMP said on Sunday.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán “told a big lie” when he recently said the cabinet had ploughed back profits from the fight against multinationals into support for families, Kanász-Nagy said.

LMP had to sue for the information on the tax breaks for a period of three years before obtaining it, he noted.

German carmaker Audi got the biggest tax break during the period: 40 billion forints, he said. Korean tyre maker Hankook got more than 17 billion forints, Austrian-owned Hamburger Hungaria Power Plant 9 billion forints and Japanese tyre company Bridgestone 6.6 billion forints, he added.

LMP would support local SMEs, not multinationals, to make investments, create jobs and win public procurements, Kanász-Nagy said.

Source: MTI

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