Budapest, October 29 (MTI) – The opposition LMP party has submitted to parliament a ten-point anti-corruption law package, the party’s parliamentary leader said today.

The laws have been designed to “free lawmaking from the grip of oligarchs” and serve the interests of the majority of society with little means, Andras Schiffer told a press conference.

Three laws have been proposed to “wipe out offshore businesses,” he said. Those include prohibiting the registration of companies with non-transparent ownership structure and banning state-owned and municipal companies from concluding contracts with them. State leaders would also be banned from holding a stake in offshore businesses, he said.

LMP proposes that lawmakers and government officials should report in public if they are approached by any lobby groups.

The party also proposes conducting a regular probe into the political leaders’ wealth and prohibit government propaganda activities.

LMP proposes that the State Audit Office should serve as the national anti-corruption centre, he said.

Schiffer said that several LMP members had attended the recent demonstration against the government’s planned internet tax.

“The tax is an utter nonsense and must be withdrawn,” Schiffer said.


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