Paks nuclear plant

Green opposition LMP has threatened to take legal action over two public data requests concerning the upgrade of the Paks nuclear power plant if the data they seek are not released.

LMP is seeking the release of a memorandum of understanding signed between Hungarian state-owned energy company MVM and Russia’s Rosatom, the general contractor for the Paks upgrade project, “which the Hungarian public only found out about” through the international press, Péter Ungár, the party’s board member told a press conference on Thursday. He said their data request was denied by the cabinet on the ground that the MoU did not concern public interest.

He said his party also wanted to know how much public-service media provider MTVA had spent on “propaganda material” about the Russian nuclear plant “serving as a template” for Paks 2.

Ungár said the project was a way for the ruling parties to “fund their business circles” from Russian loans after European Union funding for Hungary dries up.

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Source: MTI

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