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The opposition LMP party is working to build an environmental policy for a healthy and liveable environment now and for future generations, Erzsébet Schmuck, the party’s co-leader, told an online press conference marking World Environment Protection Day on Friday.

Schmuck insisted that LMP would be in a position to set up an environment ministry “in 2022 the latest” and institute a sustainable climate policy.

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The incumbent government “does not take the issue seriously”, she said, adding that “from time to time they try to show they are turning green, but those attempts always turn out to be communications tricks”.

The government tends to put its short-term business interests before the environment, Schmuck insisted, noting that the cabinet abolished the previous environment ministry and watered down green regulations.

“That is why a multitude of toxic materials can be detected in our bodies and more people die in Hungary because of environmental pollution than fall victim to coronavirus,” she said.

lmp party
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The government “fails to grasp” that measures to adapt to climate change can no longer be postponed, Schmuck said.

Source: MTI

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