writes that the Liszt Ferenc International Piano Contest is being held at the Academy of Music in Budapest on September 2-11. Moreover, the programme is accompanied by another event at which talented musicians can enchant impromptu audiences in the streets.

The best pianists of the world are said to participate in the International Piano Contest and according to Zoltán Kocsis, world-famous Hungarian pianist, only the most talented musicians get to take part in the event in Budapest.

Interestingly, the Contest is supported by a free event called the Piano Carnival, where a few quite worn-down and one good-conditioned piano and pianino are being placed at the Liszt Ferenc Square. Passers-by have the opportunity to listen to the mini concerts of talented scholars playing the 1904 Steinway piano from Friday to Sunday.

The Liszt Academy of Music has been chosen one of the best universities for Performing Arts

Meanwhile, the other instruments would be played by anyone willing to do so. Although, students of the Academy of Music are usually the ones to entertain the audience of tourists at the Liszt Ferenc Square, but stag-doers and pub-visitors of different nationalities often stop by and try to play their favourite songs.

Thus, in case you happen to be wondering around the aforementioned square this weekend, do not be afraid to take a seat at one of the free-standing pianos and channel your inner pianist, or in case you cannot find the willingness in yourself to give a chance for such a career, you may not want to miss out listening to the other talented players.

Furthermore, the hosting location has also been named one of the most beautiful squares of the city

Besides, in order to get somewhat warmed up and perhaps motivated for the event, you can watch a video of the Piano Carnival show below.


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