If we can’t go to New Zealand, then let New Zealand come to us! More specifically, the feeling of Middle-earth known from the Lord of the Rings trilogy will come to life in an adventurous festival on the 28th of May in Budakeszi. According to vilagjaromagazin.hu, elves, orcs, hobbits and the frightening team of Nazgûls will be waiting for visitors in the Tündérkert.

Miracles have always existed and there’s no greater spell than when we can be children again for some time and forget about everyday troubles and work. However, you shouldn’t shrug off playing, as it was the most serious and honest profession, when we were kids.

This is the mentality of the Lord of the Rings Cosplay Club, which was established in 2013, and this is how they think about character and costume design – they are not going below a certain level of a quality and vocation. The birth of the Middle-earth Festival was not an immediate decision. Gergely Zsikla and Kinga Péter-Szabó have been thinking about animating Middle-earth and recreating the feeling of the well-known place, dwelled by hobbits.


The festival will be held in Budakeszi along with children’s day programmes, and the organisers guarantee that both young and old fans, the lovers of Tolkien’s world, the masters of sword-play, will all find something for themselves.

You’ll also be able to try on costumes and take photos, try out hobbit and elf roundabouts, the kettle food of Middle-earth, and even meet some of the Hungarian actors who synchronized the movies of the trilogy.

But, what’s most important is that, let it be elf, hobbit, orc or any character you dress up like, make sure to show off your amazing Lord of the Rings costume in the costume competition and prove that you’re a loyal fan! You’ll be able to apply at the location and the competition will start at 2 pm.

Photos: www.facebook.com/lordoftheringstrilogy, www.facebook.com/HobbitTheMovie

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Source: http://www.vilagjaromagazin.hu/

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