Katinka Hosszú is unstoppable and not only in the pool but in her love life as well. Blikk.hu reports that the Iron Lady has a boyfriend, a new home and great aims in her career.

Ever since Katinka won the 200 m medley at the European Swimming Championship, she has not rested. She is preparing for the autumn races with full steam, and, meanwhile, she keeps smiling on her Instagram posts. Although she has just recently divorced her husband and ex-coach, Shane Tusup,

Katinka looks happy, peaceful and balanced in and out of the pool.

New love

This new-found happiness might have something to do with Dániel Dudás. He is part of the professional team of Iron Aquatics and is believed to be the triple World Champion’s new boyfriend.

We first guessed their relationship at the New Year, when they went to the USA together.

Later, when Shane Tusup told everyone about their private matters, he confessed his suspicion that Katinka has cheated on him with Dániel Dudás.

However, the two athletes pay attention to not to be spotted publicly together.

Dudás has not participated in any races since the end of last year, but according to the latest news he plans to follow Katinka from the Iron Aquatics to her new Iron Swim team.

An anonymous source claims that Dudás leaves the Aquatics not because of his career but to spend more time with Katinka.

The Iron Lady in action

Katinka Hosszú is really focused on her goals right now, already working hard to get to the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

“I have never been so motivated, so I am going to work really hard in the next few years focusing only on swimming” said Katinka after the European Championship.

Based on her Instagram posts we also know that she has just recently moved into a new house. Its location and ownership is unknown at the moment, but

according to her photos the house has many extras and lots of green territories.

Also, she seems to have a new pet, as she joked when she posted about a cat sneaking into her garden.

Featured image: Instagram

Source: blikk.hu

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