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The troubled relationship of the three-time Olympic champion and his American husband and coach Shane Tusup is finally coming to a close. According to blikk.hu, the couple has restarted their divorce procedures.

As a close friend told the newspaper, Katinka has requested that the previously suspended proceedings be continued, having sent in documents to the court that would restart the divorce case.

The dream couple’s marriage deteriorated at the end of last year, which Hosszú has confirmed on social media.

“Our relationship is going through a tough time and challenges”,

wrote the celebrity swimmer, who was offered an apology by his husband on the stage of the Athlete of the Year Gala. Although his wife listened in tears, in February she still filed a divorce. Shane then tried saving the marriage, which seemed successful as neither of the two attended the first day in court in March. Love seemed to have triumphed, with photos of the couple together appearing again on social media again, including the celebration of Shane’s 30th birthday.

One month ago, though, things took a drastic turn.

Hosszú has announced on social media that she would be breaking up with his partner both in her private life and in the swimming pool. Tusup retorted by saying Hosszú had ruined their marriage by cheating on him with his colleague Dániel Dudás, with whom she was training together.

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“My personal problem is that Katinka betrayed me, cheated on me, and destroyed our marriage. No matter how hard I tried to make things work, she never seemed to want the same thing”,

said Tusup before travelling back to America.

The separation will certainly prove difficult, as the couple will have to divide a fortune of 1 billion Forints (EUR 3m).

Featured image: https://www.facebook.com/katinkahosszu/

Source: blikk.hu

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