Berlin, September 14 (MTI) – Comments made by Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg’s foreign minister, demanding Hungary’s expulsion from the European Union demonstrate the helplessness of those who want to embody European politics today, Hungary’s human resources minister said on Wednesday.

Asselborn told Germany’s Die Welt on Tuesday that the EU could not maintain its unity unless it excluded Hungary, a country which seriously violated European values by “building a fence against refugees of war”. He also accused Hungary of curbing the freedom of the press and the independence of the judiciary.


Zoltán Balog told Germany’s Deutschlandfunk radio that Asselborn’s remarks showed that European politicians like him are more interested in making accusations and finding scapegoats than trying to find a resolution to a crisis that has shaken the European Union.

Balog said Asselborn was “clueless” about Hungary, arguing that for the Luxembourg minister, Europe only extends as far as where the Iron Curtain used to be.

But what is far more important is finding a way to overcome the challenges facing the EU, “together with Hungary”, Balog said.

Commenting on the suggestion that Asselborn’s criticism was aimed solely at the Hungarian government and not the country as a whole and that the foreign minister believes Budapest should respect EU values, Balog said “laws and values go together”. Hungary was the only EU member state that was ready to fully observe the Schengen and Dublin rules and the Geneva Convention on the rights of refugees, Balog added.

The minister said it is not inhumane to crack down on illegal immigration, adding, at the same time that the Hungarian government’s management of the migrant situation goes beyond protecting the EU’s external border and enforcing the bloc’s rules. The human resources ministry is also working closely with charity organisations on preventing a humanitarian disaster, Balog said.

Source: MTI

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