According to, there is a need for another 5-10 more kilometers of tunnel on the 20 kilometers long road. Through using the completed ring road the drivers heading from south to west will be able drive 35 kilometers less.

The investor, the NIF corporate enterprise shared its application on the site of TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) about the works on the section between the 10th main road, the M0 and the M1 highway. According to the public procurement published in TED, the winner has to prepare a study of feasibility and effects, and get environmental protection licence.

According to the plans,

the 20 km long highway-section, which avoids Budapest from the west side, will be constructed with 2×2 traffic lanes and physical separation.

Map: Google

The importance of finishing the ring road states that the M0 ring road will become completed after the west highway-section and the northern one, which connects the 10th and 11th main roads, will be finished. With the complete ring road the way from west to east will be shortened by 35 kilometers. Moreover, the investments will make the transport in the Southern section of the ring road easier.

It also seems to be clear, that

the western section is planned to be built including a 5.5-9.8 kilometers long tunnel,

since it has to cross the mountains of Buda and inhabited areas.

Map: NIF Zrt.

The track will be final with the environmental protection licence

Among the tasks of the winner applicant there is the evaluation of the possible variations of the track and the comparison between their feasibility according to technical, economical and environmental aspects.

Apart from that thy have to

  • get the professional opinion of a caving expert,
  • prepare a Road Safety Impact Assessment,
  • write a cost-benefit analysis,
  • research the risks of a climate changing impact,
  • their study of the environment has to include the Natura 2000 estimation of effects documentation, too.

Another task is to take part in the environmental protection process and to get the licence.

As we published two weeks ago, one of Budapest’s traffic intersections is getting reshaped. A study was published recently on BKK’s website about the reconstruction of H8 in Gödöllő. This document also mentions the possibility of connecting it to Metro 2.

Also, another interesting article: a German company kfzteile24 set up a list about the interoperability of 100 cities by car, and the results were interesting on both ends.

translated by Zsanett Kanász

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