Once upon a time there was a project called Government District. The idea was to build a high-tech and ultramodern building complex for the Government departments at Mad-Max plot behind the Nyugati Railway Station. Unfortunately, only the first part of the project has been completed: the Hungarian state bought the area but still does not utilize it for anything –the varosban.blog.hu reported.

The plot is in such a horrible condition – although it’s located near the city centre – that it would be a perfect scene for any horror film or post-apocalyptic movie.

Luckily, the state started to re-think its utilization because it hasn’t been planned to sell the area in the forthcoming six years. Both the state and the municipal leaders seem to be open to exploit this unpleasant plot. Furthermore, their plan is to cooperate with the public – and this is very unusual in Hungary. Eventually, they would like to establish a super community project on the outskirts of the city. The Contemporary Architecture Centre and several civils are also involved in its organization. The main concept of the Mad-Max plot project has already begun to take shape. What exactly does this mean?

Actually, this means that many questions are still open but now the government would like to listen to all the options and ideas so that they can build a perfect facility for everyone. Should you have any idea, do not hesitate to share it with the experts, it may well be realized!

The current plans

According to the current plans, the state is planning to build a football pitch, an area for the tournament and a skate park as well. They are planning to establish a BuBi center for renting bikes, there would also be chess, petanque and table tennis area here. Perhaps there will be enough place on this area for a Sledge run in winter. At this stage of the project anything may change but one thing is crystal clear: there is definite intention and willingness to exploit the area! The varosban.blog.hu also noted that it is not impossible that the final plan will have been completed by the municipal elections this autumn since this would be the interest of the government agencies and civilians, too.

Anyway, you can imagine a colorful leisure center in Budapest which is only a few steps from the city centre. A park-complex where anyone can play in the grass, do sport and have fun in green fields. Should they finally be able to complete the project, it will be one of the coolest public park in Budapest.

Well, the only risk could be that a project like this can increase property prices and accelerate the long-term use of the Mad-Max area, thus sales of office constructions can boost here.
All in all, it’s better to be glad that a cool leisure center could be built in Budapest – but first the final plan needs to be finished!

based on article of varosban.blog.hu
by Valentina Leanyfalvi

Photo: varosban.blog.hu

Source: http://dailynewshungary.com/

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