The amazing performance of the Hungarian national football team at EURO2016 is well appreciated in Uganda! The news of the guys’ successes spread rapidly everywhere, especially as many people follow the events of the Euros and pay attention to other teams as well as their nations’ footballers. And Uganda in Africa, not even participating in the game, greatly supports the team and congratulates on their performance, reports

Football seems to play such a significant role in people’s lives that, when it comes to the European Championship, nations are brought together, and Hungary is no exception of that. The Hungarian footballers trigger more and more attention with their surprisingly astonishing performance, and the people of Hungary are getting really proud, sentimental and patriotic! While the players keep fighting with courage and determination, together, as a team.

Yet, not only Hungarians are happy about the team going forward: people in Kampala, Uganda are sending many messages and they also call the “Hungarian house”, congratulate on scored goals. That is why the Hungarians in Kampala decided to hold a Hungarian EURO2016 day on Wednesday (June 22), when the Dzsudzsák-led team played against Portugal. The Koreans, Ugandans, Kenyans, Rwandans and of course, all of the few Hungarians in Kampala had a fantastic time rooting for the team together.

Their hearts beat as one when they are watching the team of Hungary fighting on the field for the country. The locals of Kampala mentioned that the team seemed to be a big family: the coach was watching closely what his sons were doing, while the audience greatly supported the boys, who would always run over to them, to embrace the happiness together after scoring a goal, instead of playing the somewhat usual self-centred and self-admiring show off that illustrates how awesome they think themselves.

The people gathered in the house were lucky to have witnessed the most exciting match of the Euros so far. Moreover, they did not miss the breath-taking singing and rooting of the Hungarians as if no one else was around in Marseilles: their voices were heard 6000 km afar through the television, without any trace of that stress ahead of the game, without noticing that there were Ronaldo, Nani and all the other guys in the opposing team.

The Hungarians played professionally, attentively, together as comrades, deservedly scoring the goals after one another, causing some real tensions for the Portuguese. And, as we all know, after great fights, the Portugal team could always equalize, but nothing else. Obviously, both teams wanted to win, but it was the Hungarian team that led the scoreboard, challenging the other 11 players on the field. Eventually, the match was a draw, but incredibly Hungary became winner of their group, making it to the knockout stages as the best of their 4.

However, aside topping the board, the footballers managed to win the hearts of those in Kampala, too, and possibly, of many people around the world, but surely in Hungary. Anything that may come from now on would be accompanied by heads up high, proudly and doubtlessly trusting the team to do well. The author concludes her article with highlighting that the footballers showed to every skeptic what true comradery means, sticking together, and that it is good to be Hungarian; and people of Hungary should be proud whenever they meet each other abroad, and greet the fellow patriot happily, every time.

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  1. Some people in Romania also root for you, good luck. We didn’t do so well but we home you beat Belgium.

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