We collected you a couple of useful programs related to our national holiday to attend. This year, the motto is: “Respect for the brave!”, marcius15.kormany.hu says.

March 14 – March 28
“Respect for the brave” portrait exhibition in the Buda Castle and the Museum Garden.
Braves then and now – Photos of Jozsef Plohn about ’48 veterans in 1902 and portraits of today’s braves.

March 14
10 am.- 5 pm.
Open Parliament

March 15
9 am.
Hoisting of the flag of Hungary with military honors on Kossuth Square. After the ceremony a festive procession goes to the Museum Garden.

10:30 am.
Honour ceremony in the National Museum’s garden
Performers: Military Man Choir, Ildiko Keresztes, Hungarian National Dance Group, Janos Bihari Dance Group, Janos Csik and Friends, Hungarian Army Central Orchestra.
Festive speech by: Istvan Tarlos and Viktor Orban

10 am.- 6 pm.
Family programs in the Buda Castle and several other locations
“Dog-sale is again in Buda”, puppet shows, arts and crafts, dance teaching and show, stilt presentations, quizzes, horse petting, gastro-cultural promenade, Alma Band concert, show of Tekero Quintet, Operetta Theater medley.

5-6 pm.
Ghymes concert on the Szentharomsag (Trinity) Square

10 am.- 6 pm.
“Revolutionary bustle” in the Institute and Museum of Military History
Day of the Hungarian sword, craft shows, saber shows, traditionalists, playground, arts and crafts, dance house, museum educational sessions.

3 pm.
“Our March15!”
Reciting the National Song countryside, paying tribute to the heroes.

based on the article of marcius15.kormany.hu
translated by BA

Photo: marcius15.kormany.hu

Source: http://marcius15.kormany.hu/index

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  1. The 1st sentence should read: We have collected for you a selection of useful programs related to our national holiday, which you may wish to attend.

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