Budapest, March 15 (MTI) – Freedom and national independence have been “dual guiding stars” throughout Hungary’s history, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in front of Budapest’s National Museum on Sunday.

Download (3)Speaking at official celebrations of the anniversary of Hungary’s 1848 revolution, the prime minister said that those two values are an “eternal benchmark” for “all generations of Hungarians to be measured”.

Orban also said that March 15, 1848, the outbreak of the Pest revolution and Hungary’s subsequent freedom fight was a “sacred moment of the rebirth of the Hungarian spirit”.

Referring to the present day, Orban said that once again “a strong Hungarian nation is in the making”, and argued that “in the past 25 years all Hungarians could understand that we will either be successful together or not at all”. “Together, or no way, that was the lesson of the 1848 revolution, too,” he said.

Orban insisted that though 167 years have elapsed since the revolution, “the fight for sovereignty continues, and we cannot rely on anyone else but ourselves”. Freedom means that each nation has the inalienable right “to walk their own path”, he said, adding that “the nation of Kossuth and Petofi will just laugh at attempts to give us lessons in freedom or democracy”.

On another subject, Orban said that Hungary is a part of Europe, whose future “we want to shape together with the other nations”. “Europe is now full of questions and Hungary is full of answers,” the prime minister added.

Photo: MTI


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