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If the tendency observed in the past few weeks continues, the return of pre-pandemic life could be in sight.

As reports, virologist Miklós Rusvai said that the third wave was likely to end in the last days of May, bringing about a period of three to four months when we can “kick back for a bit, hug and kiss our loved ones”. This temporary let-up would be partially due to the warm weather, which decreases the chances of respiratory infections being transmitted. The scientist also mentioned that

by mid-June, the end of the school year, masks could disappear from public use, but only if decision-makers see fit.

Currently, everyone is required to wear a mask in all public areas, except when eating.

mask unnecessary not obligatory

Rusvai was also optimistic about the potential fourth wave of infections, saying that he did not expect it to be as serious as the third one since Hungary is making significant progress in terms of vaccination. However, he warned that the virus was not going to disappear completely: it is going to remain here with us, lying in wait for the weather to turn cold again.

According to the virologist’s predictions, if the proportion of vaccinated individuals does not reach 75-85% until October, the disease could flare up again.

Speaking of vaccinations, as we reported here, over 4.4 million people have received the jab in Hungary, with the inoculation of foreign individuals due to begin in the second half of May. This statistic puts Hungary among the countries with the most effective vaccination programmes, but as highlights, the inoculation rate has slowed down significantly in the past few weeks: between the 2nd and 9th of May, only 223 000 people got their first dose of any vaccine, in comparison with previous figures ranging from 330 000 to 538 000. This decrease can be partially attributed to the fact that many people are now receiving their second jab. However, as the statistics on indicate, there are still about 800 000 people waiting for their first dose. As pointed out, currently, there is an overall surplus of vaccines in Hungary, but not all vaccines are created equal:

some are holding out for their preferred one, in hopes of being able to travel more easily, for instance.

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  1. We must respectfully lisen to the eminent professional’s from there respective “sphere’s” – opinions they are “flooding” out in Hungary to all citizens, contributions that are arising, from ALL areas of Medical Science, as to what is happening currently and in their variation of – OPINIONS – the foreseeable future – in relation to the – PRESENSE – in the lives of 9.6 million Hungarians, of this still present and active this novel coronavirus.
    REMEMBER this ;
    Hungary – we sit at the top of the WORLD tree in the Medical Statistical Factual ration of deaths per 1 million citizens.
    Hungary – 3000 deaths of citizens per 1 million of it’s citizens Statistical Medical Factual ratio.
    Worst in the world = based on population being 9.6 million.
    Total Deaths to date = 29,041
    Total Number of STILL active cases = 158,458
    Total number in Intensive Care or on Life Support = 338.
    Interesting ?
    Dismiss your Political positions and look at these figures and examine them and “search” in your un-clouded minds not driven by Political alliance – what thus far this deadly novel coronavirus, has left in its journeys and invasion into the lives and citizens of Hungary.
    Be careful and Be Responsible – you play the role of Judge – making decision(s) driven from your personal conscience, the lifestyle at this immediate time you wish to live and into the immediate Future.
    Immunization – is NOT the end of this deadly novel coronavirus – BUT maybe BUT – it is the beginning of the end, and see life RESPONSIBLE return to a degree of NORMALITY.
    REMEMBER – think and evaluate – personally PLAN – the position of the Hungarian Economy ?
    Which way is the Pendulum of the Economic clock – SWINGING ?
    Challenging and NEEDED thoughtful personal times – our future – we live in Hungary.
    National Elections in May 2022 – be careful of spin, propaganda and Falseness of Facts on issues – the novel coronavirus and the state of the economy – that WILL be increasingly driven down our throats from this present time to the National Elections.

  2. While I faithfully follow every decree emanating our great and revered leader and the angels that gather around him, I personally never really required a mask. One whiff of my politics and toxic personality and people stay 1.609 km away from me. It has been suggested that a muzzle is what I really require but that is a leftist plot to discredit my astounding ability to be the High Priest of populist orthodoxy.

  3. Thank you “CARITAS” for stating the obvious – in your usual waffling way.

    By the way, are YOU a ‘registered’ Hungarian voter ?

    If NOT, then kindly refrain from interfering in Hungarian politics – it is NOT appreciated.

  4. I fully agree with Caritas.
    Caution is advisable and less govt propaganda would be appreciated.

  5. Let you into a little secret Mario.
    No I’m not a Registered Hungarian Voter.
    I never have been a POLITICAL ANIMAL that “owns” my vote.
    My voting in National Elections is focused on (6) six points that are my core values in life.
    My vote has been granted to party’s that will maintain and build on the core values of my being.
    I don’t wear red nor blue nor multi coloured underwear.
    I have educated, lectured, meet, mixed, argued, complimented and criticized politicians over years, but I do my thing and vote under my terms and conditions.
    Little more for you to digest or ponder on.
    My life-style is extremely comfortable.
    I like to think that I NEVER forget those less fortunate than my-self – in my deeds, my thoughts and in my actions – the sharing my life.
    Enough of that waffle – as you often fire canons at me about.
    Finally – one of the (6) six points of who gets my vote is – SOCIAL Inequality, as I see throughout the World this continuing rampant throughout countries.
    Who do I think will win the 2022 National Elections in Hungary ?
    Hint hint – Hungary is a far greater advanced country to-day than it was prior to the (2) two goes Victor Orban has run the show.
    My (6) core points of my values, what they lay on table, and I will have No Problems – communicating who will get my “phantom” vote.

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